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Special Education

Special Education School Ghaziabad

Children with any form of developmental delay require special attention. The communicating skills, behavior, decision making and reception power of the children with delay is not like other children. It is essential to provide the best resources they need to cope up with the society.

Special Education refers to the range of education and social services to individuals with disabilities. Special education gets tailored to meet the special requirements of children with disabilities. Different programs get tailored considering the individual requirements. Special education helps the children to learn in a specially designed environment.

Child Neuro Rehabilitation (CNR) Clinic created a special environment considering the essential factors to educate kids with different forms of disabilities. We appoint well-trained, experienced and responsible staffs to teach the kids with developmental delay, mental retardation, and autism.


The kids learn to read, write, understand and communicate like normal children. We deploy proven techniques which are unique, creative and result oriented. We focus on the kids individually and help them to raise their self-confidence level. The kids learn to perform day-to-day activities without getting dependent on others.

It is a challenging job to teach the kids with cognitive delays. The training also is quite time-consuming. In such cases, we teach the parents to understand and learn the skills and techniques so that they could continue the same format of activities at their home. Continuing the learning sessions at home proves to be effective, and the parents will witness effective results very soon.

Special education includes a wide range of support services depending on the special needs of the kids. The training may involve physical assistance and therapy, psychotherapy and counseling. Within the modified learning environment and advanced learning devices and different educational as well as psychological assessments and behavioral modification techniques, we help the kids to break the barrier of performing day-to-day activities.

Our special educators focus on the kids individually and establish a connection which makes it easier to communicate with the child and motivate them to learn everything as guided by the teacher. The goal of our special education session is to ensure that the kids will participate in different activities. We enhance the potential and skills of the kids with appealing techniques.

In intervals, we conduct different tests for testing reading, writing and pronunciation skills. In a special education session, we introduce unique puzzles and motivate the kids to perform different activities to increase the understanding of the child.

Consult our experts for the best services and assistance to see the change with your own eyes. We have multiple special school branches like:

  • Saksham Special School Ghaziabad
  • Special School in shastrinagar ghaziabad
  • Special School in Indrapuram ghaziabad
  • Special School in crossing republik
  • Special School gaur city greater noida
  • Special School in raj nagar extension
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